Rainy season in Nigeria

5 Productive Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Nigeria, report your current weather situation! Aye Captain! It’s the rainy season! The rainy season seems to have officially started here in Nigeria, and for someone like me, its all joy because of corn and ube (pear). But on the other hand, it sure comes with the challenge of getting us stuck at home. And …

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The 7C's You Need to Get Ahead in Your Career

The 7C’s You Need to Get Ahead in Your Career

Have you been struggling to constantly stay ahead of others in your office or career generally? Do you know that there are many things that make you stand out and advance your career than anything else? As we continue to bask in the euphoria of the new year, here are some tips from the letter …

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Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts: “Don’t Be Strong”

It’s another Thursday and today’s topic bothers on what I refer to as the “don’t be strong” theory on depression, suicide and giving up. Already wondering what this is? Please read on. Although I have been wanting to write this post for about six months, the words refuse to string together. Now that I am …

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