Rainy season in Nigeria

5 Productive Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Nigeria, report your current weather situation!

Aye Captain! It’s the rainy season!

The rainy season seems to have officially started here in Nigeria, and for someone like me, its all joy because of corn and ube (pear). But on the other hand, it sure comes with the challenge of getting us stuck at home. And with the current pandemic situation, its a case of a double lockdown.

However, here is a list of productive activities that can engage and help you to enjoy this season while you are caught up in the home. You guys know I am all for finding positivity in every situation, hence the list and so your only option will not be staying in bed all day.


Productive Activities That Will Make A Rainy Day Lit

  • Read books: Yes, you read that. All those books you have had for a while and got no time to read, bring them all out. And if you are some of those that got no books, read magazines and maybe, you might learn one or two things or even be struck with an idea! Ideas can come anywhere, anytime and you might just end up solving one of the many problems our country or even the universe currently faces!
  • Engage in some crafty activities: Indulge your creative skill this rainy season. Remember those creative works you have left undone for a long time? Yes, now is the time to pick them all up again and get thing’s done. it’s definitely going to be worth staying indoor. Rainy seasons like now is always the opportunity we need to create beautiful things for ourselves, loved ones and even the home. If you have no craft skill, you can learn through YouTube videos and other online video platforms in a step-by-step process. Check out beadworks, crotchets, Ankara accessories, leather works, sewing, etc. And who knows; you might be on your way to having more money in your purse.
  • Start a garden/mini-farm: What other way to spend time on a rainy day than enjoy its drops while planting some flowers, crops or vegetables? Try cultivating a garden or a mini-farm in your compound. Till the ground, grow those vegetables and tend those flowers such that you are on your way to becoming a horticulturist or a farmer. It also cut some expenses off your shopping list. 
  • Play games: Do you know that games are very essential for good health? Games imbibe in us the spirit of patience, courage, and endurance. If you have got a scrabble board, Ludo, Whot cards etc, bring them out and bond with friends. I particularly like Solitaire and the 4pics1word game. So, let’s get playing and never again feel guilty about playing games again.
  • Declutter: All the bunch of junk you have on your phone, wardrobe, room, etc. that does not allow you to get things done on time? Ehn, now is the time to clean them up. Do you know that getting rid of clutter have benefits like mood improvement, better sleep and saner minds? Well, now you know it! You can read more of its benefits here
  • Cooking lessons: This is another productive way of spending indoor time on a rainy day. Take a time-out to learn new foods or to refine your cooking skill. Let your boo know that his lady (her man) got his stomach in control because “the way to a man’s heart is his stomach”. Create something different, try new recipes and catch a lot of fun. To those without boo, play host to your friends and stun them. Keep them begging for more!

So, there you go. A rainy day can put you off doing a lot of things, but the why let it when you can make the best out of it? Now, let me know which of these activities you usually enjoy doing during the rainy season. Gracias!!!

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