5 Thought-Provoking Things I Learned About Myself In Quarantine
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5 Thought-Provoking Things I Learned About Myself In Quarantine

There is a common saying that there is always a blessing in every disaster. Although that can be debated, I’m finding it to be true from my recent reflections. Like everyone else, I am also self-isolating at home as a result of the pandemic. However, the unprecedented amount of time I am spending with my siblings has illuminated some unsettling traits.

This post popped out right when I was evaluating myself and how I have been doing since quarantine started. Some of these things are funny while some make me shudder, but it has also shown me a true reflection of who I am. And after all, it is only when you truly know who you are, that you can redesign who you want to be. So, here are 5 thought-provoking things I learned about myself during the quarantine.

Image representing the things I learned about myself during quarantine

I am going to be one strict Mummy

I have always known this, but this quarantine period has really intensified this thought. As a grown-up, I have come to the realization that I like people doing things properly and at the right time. I mean, don’t leave the places until later, clean up your cups when you finish taking whatever. If it pours, then clean up right away and just say your prayers at the right time! Are these things hard to do or too much to ask because my siblings are not finding it funny and not on the same page with me? They feel that I am asking too much of them.

I have a loud voice and should not make it louder by shouting

I know I have a loud voice but I have realized that it gets louder when I am making clarifications or scolding my siblings. And more particularly, when I am angry about them not doing things on time. Like my brother said, it always seems as if I am quarrelling with someone at that time, even when I am not. Hence, having learned about myself on this and how it discomforts other peo[le, I am beginning to work on how to remain assertive on a lower pitch.


I need to do better with discipline

Another thing I learned about myself is my total disregard for discipline when I am working. I wake up wanting to do some stuff on my laptop and the next time, I am drifting into something else entirely. Sometimes, Instagram takes the whole time but at other times, it can be anything else like Google or Quora. It’s not that I lack focus per se, but I enjoy research, reading and keeping up with what’s going on across the globe. Hence, I find myself drifting between web pages and social media pages. Apparently, what is making it worse is because I always have to always be available online, most of the time. Now, I am adopting the technique of freezing my chat apps until I am through with whatever I need to get done. Anything official comes in through Slack as per how stars do!

And to this one which isn’t unsettling as such (lol) or rather depending on you guys judgement sha.

I can now eat beans without Garri

Yeah, you can roll your eyes. Let me tell you the story. When I was young, I hated beans a lot. But when I was consistently told that it increases height (I still don’t know if that’s a lie anyway), I began to take interest in it. This was because I am petite in nature and really wanted to get bigger and taller. I can’t believe I am actually telling this story…LMAO. Anyway, that was how I started eating beans. But there was another huddle I needed to cross and it was the white part of the beans! It always looked too distracting! Although I can’t remember how I stumbled on pouring Garri on the beans as a solution, it became a part of me. Now, it feels weird doing that around people. But since we’ve been in quarantine, I now manage to eat a number of spoons without Garri. Isn’t that amazing?

And lastly, I think I am actually an introvert!

I know my close friends will come after me on this but I sincerely think its true. I mean, I am not feeling guilty not going out. It feels so normal apart from when my siblings are getting on my nerves sha. I enjoy staying indoors all day, as far as I have a phone/ laptop and internet connection. I have been wondering about this until I also stumbled here and ticked yes to almost all the questions. Heck! And to think that I used to call myself an extrovert because I am loud and gets along with people.

In essence, this quarantine period offers me a unique opportunity to see myself in repose. What I have learned about myself in this quarantine period is far more comprehensive than what I get from my termly evaluations. When I look back at this time, I am sure I will remember it not for the despair, but for the higher level of conscientiousness, it made possible.

With this, I am now a set track to do and get better. I am also hopeful that with everything I have learned about myself now, I will emerge from this isolation period better than when it started.

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