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What did You Think of New Beginnings?

I used to think new beginnings were sweet and exciting. At least, not until I had to start my blog all over again. Since then, I have had new thoughts about it. Guess what it is?

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It is that, starting things all over is hard!

For months, I contemplated starting my blog over and over again. But, I could not take the first step of re-registering my domain name. What happened? I was so scared of starting all over.

I also had so much going on at that point in my life. There were the pressures of my M.Sc project. I was so overwhelmed and had no time nor the creative mind to put words together. At the same time, I was also exploring and expanding my career options.

With so much wrapped around my head, I didn’t even know when my domain and hosting fees expired. Hence, I lost my blog and its three-year-old posts. The saddest of all was that I didn’t even get the backup. Hence, I became stuck, frustrated, and angry at myself for all these. To be honest, what hurts most were all the years of thoughtfully written contents.

In fact, writing this post in this critical time got me thinking of the many things a lot of us will have to start all over again. Even right now, some people are relearning how to enjoy staying at home. This will, no doubt, happen again when we step out and get back to work again.

So, what makes a new beginning difficult?

For me, it was simply the thought of not knowing what, where or how to start. It was the thought of not knowing what exactly is coming and whether I would reach and surpass my previous efforts.

However, the question I am now asking myself was, why worry about where to begin when I could have began anywhere and anyhow?

How to Overcome the Fear of New Beginnings

About new beginnings
Step into new beginnings

Whether you are just beginning a new pursuit, relationship, business, anything at all, nervousness and fear are some of the things you will experience. It is quite normal and of the human nature. However, here are some tips that helped me overcome the fear of starting all over again

  1. Take a deep breath: Trust me, you need it because your actions will overwhelm you. This is because you will want it to be better than the last. However, when this happens, all you have to do is to remind yourself that you are your only competition. So, relax.
  2. Break tasks into simple actionable steps: You don’t have to rush all tasks or get it done in one swipe. Take it one task/action at a time.
  3. Get all the help you need: New beginnings are hard, so all I got to say here is that you reach out to who can help and take as much as you need. Don’t try to do it all alone.
  4. Do things differently: If you have been working your way in a particular manner before, try to switch things. Remember the only constant thing is change. So, try a new method and see what difference it makes.
  5. Have a safe space: A space place could be a person, place or thing. Just have some space you can let loose your insanity or get some quietness. It helps a lot!
  6. Take your time: This is very important. In fact, this particular post you are reading has been in my draft for over two months just because I wasn’t ready. So, just take your time and when you are ready, just do it!

As hard as this new beginning seems to be, I know it is a chance for me to start fresh on a blank canvas, learn from the wrongs of the past, and try things from a new perspective. It is also another opportunity for me to be a reflection of all I have learnt. I am excited about the changes for me and this creative space.

So, I say to you, “go all out, take the step and exploit, just like I have done with this blog”. Now, let’s toast 🥂 to the start of better things and because whatever new hopes we are driving, The Soultitude will always have something for us!

Have you ever had to start something all over again? How was it in the beginning and how did you overcome the fear? I would love to read and learn from your experience too 🙂

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