The 7C's You Need to Get Ahead in Your Career

The 7C’s You Need to Get Ahead in Your Career

Have you been struggling to constantly stay ahead of others in your office or career generally? Do you know that there are many things that make you stand out and advance your career than anything else? As we continue to bask in the euphoria of the new year, here are some tips from the letter “C” that you can utilize this year to get ahead in your career and become a thought leader in your field!

The 7C's You Need to Get Ahead in Your Career

Competence: For you to really get ahead of others in your chosen career, you must be able to prove that you have the knowledge and skills of your profession. Improve yourself by constantly developing yourself in line with career trends. Learn something new in your field every day. Read a blog in your chosen area of expertise every day. Find mentors in those who are ahead of you. Be so good at what you do and leave people with no choice but to promote you.

Courage: As you improve yourself professionally, you must be able to put all you have learnt to practice. Else, what is the essence of learning? You must be strong to apply the knowledge in your next project. Be ready to take the leap and embrace responsibility. Do not limit yourself to your comfort zone. Go all out, show courage, and see yourself get ahead in your chosen path. It takes a whole lot of courage to explore new heights.

Commitment: This is another important C you need to prove that you are ready to move faster and higher. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, you must commit yourself into it. It is the commitment you show in your work that will make others believe in you and what you offer. Do you also know that commitment is of high value to employers? This because it enables them to determine whether a candidate is a good investment. And the truth is that when a person does not show commitment to their careers, they produce lousy results.

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Be committed to your work and growth

Consistency: This is another key factor to help you get ahead in your chosen career. It refers to deliberate continuous action. it helps to breed trust among workers and between an employee and employer. It also enables you to get better with every effort and remember, it is a key factor in saving time and creativity development.

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Curiosity: This is the eagerness to learn or have more information about a particular thing. It is the constant drive to seek more knowledge about things around you. Being curious gets you ahead in your career because you are up-to-date with the latest trend in your industry/career. This, in turn, helps to sharpen your skillset and enables you to gain experience over time thereby increasing your productivity.

Courtesy: Courtesy is an offshoot of deep moral behaviour. Costs nothing but pays off. It is that simple act of politely knowing what to do, what to say and how to say it. Courtesy boosts the other person’s worth and you know what it does to you in return? It boosts your reputation and even opens up the most tightly locked door. A simple act of courtesy would readily make most people available to you when you need them. And just because “one good turn deserves another,” it is sure to get your career up above others!

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Well, there you have it! I testify to the effectiveness of these strategies because I have used each one in different situations. Remember, you have what it takes to succeed, you just have to take the risk of getting things done. The result may not be immediate, but it pays in the long term! So, get better with yourself, stay consistent, and 2020 will be just the year you get the things you want!

Have you used any of these strategies before? What do you think of them? What other strategies have you used to rise in your career? Please share them with us. And if you have found this post valuable or you know someone who really needs it, don’t forget to share and share!

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