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Thursday Thoughts: “Don’t Be Strong”

It’s another Thursday and today’s topic bothers on what I refer to as the “don’t be strong” theory on depression, suicide and giving up. Already wondering what this is? Please read on. Although I have been wanting to write this post for about six months, the words refuse to string together. Now that I am doing it, it feels so great lending a voice to one of the global issues.

Tursday Thoughts: Don't be strong

In the early months of 2019, there were numerous suicide cases. Hence, psychologists concluded that majority of us currently live in depression. While some of us leverage on hope, others just give up.

Some time ago, I also read of another man who committed suicide on the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge. The man was said to have come down to Lagos for a supposed revival. However, instead of his life to be saved, it ended in the deep shores of the Lagoon.

Every time we go through challenges, every time traumas come whirling in our lives, or a little darkness shudders upon us, the typical sentence is always stay strong

The word “stay strong” has been used too often that it doesn’t seem to have any effect again. But today, I am going to tell you something different;
Do not stay strong, just keep living.

I am saying this because by staying strong, you avoid the tears. And for me, avoiding the tears make you sink deeper into depression. So, listen up. Whatever it is, cry out as much as you want. Release the hormones of depression. Vent everything out and shake off all thoughts of giving up life.”

You know if you lose your life today, the most people will do for you is to cry, upload touching statuses and move on to the next thing! The energy you want to use to let go of your life, please channel it into giving yourself another lease of hope. I know we all have to die someday but please, not before your time. There is a purpose to why you live. A purpose to why the angel of death is still avoiding you and taking someone else’s life. 

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I know how it feels for one to be at the brink of giving up. I have been there. There was that time I went through the most traumatic thing. Truth is it still haunts me to today but I have vowed to live beyond it. Why you may ask? Well,  I believe life is a movie and you are the hero (ine). And no matter the tragedies, a hero(ine) never dies without settling or untangling the plot?

Think about it. If you die today, who will you tell your story as it is? Think about it. There is definitely something still left for you to do.  You may not always get things right the first time or even every time, but you will get it sometime! 

So, I am leaving you with the words of Jm Storm, “never forget that we are all students of pain. Our stories might be different, but so many of our lessons are the same”.

And from me are the words, “Don’t ever be strong enough to give up your life.”

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