Why You Should Also Be Thinking About Paedophiles
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Why You Should Also Be Thinking About Paedophiles

Hello there…(long but worthy post alert!!!)
I am here to rant on why you should also be thinking about paedophiles. Its the Thursday thought series and I hope you will also rant along with me or after you finish reading.

In the past few weeks, I have read nothing less than 20 different stories about pedophilic acts across different media. At least, six out of ten children have experienced some form of violence (UNICEF). We are literally still trying to find our feet in the fight against rape and now, this?  How much more is yet to come? 

There is literally no day that the national dailies does not report, at least, a story on paedophilia. In fact, as of the time I started writing this post,  I just finished reading that of a man arrested for defiling a 7-year-old girl!

I’m writing this with high hopes that whosoever reads it would also consciously begin to think about paedophilia. That you will be observant enough to protect young generations as well as raise your voice against such action.

Wikipedia defines paedophilia as a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent is sexually attracted to prepubescent children.  In simple language, a paedophile is a person who engages in having sexual activities with children.

The one mistake people usually make is to think of paedophiles as random people or creepy guys. Sometimes, we think of them hiding under the cover of the night. But No! Throw away that perception right now, because that’s the furthest thing from the truth! Paedophiles are usually the persons you laugh with, the ones you share thoughts with and even worse, the ones you share your roof with! 

They do most of their work in broad daylight, oftentimes under our unseeing gaze. They build excellent rapport with the young ones by catering to their needs and wants. At other times, they are the close family members; fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, neighbours, or even those you call family friends.

So, why should you also be thinking about paedophiles when activists are already doing it?

  • Paedophiles Are Everywhere: The truth about it is that more often than not, they are in fact, our closest people. Everyone should be more observant and protect their children from predators. Pedophilic acts can take place anywhere and by anyone! It could be in your home, in schools, neighbourhood or even on a bus! Do not restrict your thoughts to certain places or situations.
  • Their Jobs Usually Evolve Around Children: Pedophiles spend a lot of time around children, giving people the impression that they love children.  They may even take up jobs that enable them to stay with children or even go as far as helping parents babysit, coach or help out in other ways.
  • Paedophiles Are Manipulative In Nature: Many molesters usually begin to abuse a child when they gain the trust of child. Sometimes, they deceive them to justify their acts. They do this being sensitive to the needs of children, taking them for outings, bribery, flattery and even affection. Some can also be manipulative by exposing children to pornographic materials just to open them up to see a no big deal in the act! 
  • They Make Use of Threats: Pedophiles usually threaten the molested child from telling anyone. Some would even set up blackmail if the child disagrees. For this reason, there is a need to prod your children every time, so they can be protected.

How to protect your child from Paedophiles

  • Educate them about body parts: The first step is to teach kids the body parts that is appropriate for touching. Let them understand that their body is their own space. And that they can always reject being touched by anyone & at any time, no matter the form of their relationship.
  • Be observant. You must open your eyes to the realities of today’s society and protect the growing generation. You must be thinking about paedophiles as it’s fast becoming a menace. Notice every form of discomfort, mood swings, or injury your child has or complains about. Even withdrawal from social activities or refusal to go close to a particular person or place should be of concern.
  • Get Active in Your Children’s Life. Spend time with the kids. Create an open communication in order to know who and what they spend time doing. Let them be able to freely communicate the people they regularly come in contact with. This will go a long way in helping to protect them from abuse.

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So mum, I hope you now see why you should also be thinking about paedophiles. Although, all these doesn’t translate that someone is abusing your child, but maybe you just need to be sure. The most important thing is to always remain vigilant. Teach them what they need to know and how to get out of uncomfortable situations.

Remember that a one-time discussion is not enough. So, find comfortable times like during baths, to reiterate these messages. You can also learn more on protecting your children from abuse here.

Thank you for reading this far 🥰🥰. If you have found value in this post, don’t forget to share it with others too. Remember to also leave your own comments and contributions, and messages below. Thank you and cheers to a productive weekend!

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